Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Explanations of sorts

Well 2 explanations really. The first is that if you look at the slideshow of layouts for this year you may notice that some numbers are missing. Those are ones that I have done using the challenge kit for my local scrapbooking store. So until February when they are revealed at the challenge party, the pictures will not be posted.

The second is about the descriptions of the layouts. You may see a reference to Double Dee's, monthly his/her kits, or doublestuff kits. For the people who are not local to me Dee's is our awesome LSS. Each week they have 1(or 2 or 3) kits called a double dee. It has all the stuff for a 2 page layout based off the sample that one of the designers creates. The monthly his her kits have stuff for several projects. The doublestuff has a ton of stuff in it.

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