Sunday, January 4, 2009

So Now I have a blog!

Dee, I blame this entirely on you! lol Mostly it will be about my scrapbooking. My scrap goal this year is to average one layout per day, and this is my place to keep track of it. Feel free to leave comments mocking my button and ribbon collections (Yeah Yeah I know they need their own zipcode!). The flowers are closing in fast,apparently I am what Dee refers to as a flower whore. Mostly I scrap my kids, well the younger two at any rate, the oldest tends to do her own. Occasionally I throw the dog, myself or my man into it. I also make cards. Havent purchased a card in about 16 months, don't intend to ever again! Some of the scrap places I frequent are the fabulous Dee's Scrapbook store(if you are in the Ft Myers area, this is THE place to go!), and I plan to try to figure out how to post pictures of all the layouts on here (good luck with that !)

So layouts so far(going by Dees method of 2 pagers counting as 2 I would have more, but I am up for a challenge so I am counting 2 pagers as 1)

Lo #1 My nephew Tre at about 6 months (DCVW Nana's Kids)
Lo # 2 Meg's 1st day of school (Fancy Pants All Fall)
Lo #3 Climbing Tree (Crate Paper & BoBunny Stickers)
Lo#4 Thanksgiving Weekend (October Afternoon Weathervane)
Lo #5 Logan's 1st Day of School(5th Grade paper & BG Ambrosia)
Lo #6 Autumn's 1st Day of School (Freshman Paper & Fancy Pants Holly Jolly) This one was a 1pager


  1. You go girl
    I can help with the photos
    Is Sat good???
    Now I am one of your followers

  2. You are my only follower lol! Saturdays are always good, because I can sleep in and I can come get the goods from you! Did I mention I am a bit of a wise@$$ ??