Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sooooooooo apparently I am slacker...

according to someone who shall remain nameless, you know who you are! Lucky for me you have to work, HA! Now I am determined to pass you up! Anyhoo, on to the update:

#12 down by the sea (butterfly double dee, the blue and yellow one)
#13 Garden of the Gods (Sharon's Heidi Swapp Journey Double Dee)
#14 Snow Day (Scenic Route Garland brown & ivory snowflake papers)

So yeah I am a little behind. However I have plans!!!!!!((evil laugh)) I still have 3 christmas layouts to do, got paper today for the man's army layout, Megan's brownie birthday and the festival of giving, and her birthday page from today (Happy 9th Birthday baby girl!). Not to mention that I need to do something with the challenge kit. So yeah I guess I am a slacker!

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