Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Been awhile since I updated the layout count

#103 Grant's Zebra (Best Creations)
#104 Out of Africa (Best Creations)
#105 Whoo turned 7? 2 pg (Best Creations)
#106 Who's Behind The Mask? 2 pg (Best Creations)
#107 She's a Beauty 2 pg (Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday double dee)
#108 Pretty baby 2pg (CRate Paper Lillian)
#109 Mr. Cool (Heidi Swapp)
#110 Pretty Smart (Kaiser Sakura Park)
#111 Cool Do dude (Laguna Guy)
#112 Grown Up haircut (Webster's Pages)
#113 Sharp{ie} dye job
(MLYB Love Notes)

We are 118 (I counted wrong ugh) days into the year so I am only 5 behind. Not so bad I guess. Of course I am three weeks behind on the 52 memories challenges on right at home scrapbooking.

Oh yeah dee count I am at 165! Hopefully I can get a lot done at the 12 hour NSD crop at Dee's.

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