Monday, November 30, 2009

Back in the hospital

Just until Saturday if everything goes as planned. Found out why I have to do this in the hospital instead of on an outpatient basis. I get the chemo for a little over 3 hours Monday, wednesday, and friday, but it is 2 times a day which we weren't told before today. Also I have to be hooked up to IV fluids the whole time I am here, so the drug doesn't settle in my kidneys. I truly despise being hooked up to this thing 24/7. Fifty gajillion trips to the restroom dragging the pole with me. So much fun in the middle of the night. My chemo was started at 130 pm today so that means I'll be getting a wake up call at 130 am for the next does. And to top it all off I have been listening to the machine beep for 1 hour now because it has air. I've called down about it but no one has been in to rememdy the situation. It's going to be a long week. At least it isn't a month again, right?

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  1. Oh Heather...I hate to hear how tough it is. Just think...only a week..not a month! We'll see you soon:)