Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Round 2 (of chemo)

Of consolidation chemo that is). When this is done I will have 2 more to go! I am at a different hospital this time. They consolidated the oncology ward at my original hospital with the one at the older hospital in town. They still have carpet in the hallways(ooky). They somewhat remodled the rooms, new flooring, new beds like we had at the other. They didnt remodl the bathrooms though, or update the thermostats or anything. No clock. So I never know what time it is. So far I still have the smae nurses and aides from the other hospital. They made all the rns and some of the aides come. So when I came down the hallway I saw familiar faces which was nice. The people that were already here seem to leave a little to be desired. We are on the early shift for dinner(420 yesterday) so I was starving by 930 last night. The other hospital had nutrtion rooms with drinks and snacks. Apparently here they only have a limited supply of milk and juice. They have a very sweet lady that comes around between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Her snack cart is the bomb! She is going to stock me up for tonight when she comes around again! So far so good for the most part but I am already looking forward to going home.

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  1. Hugs and 'my best'. When I went thru Chemo I found the nursing staff to be so fabulous.....there's just something special about nurses who are 'chemo nurses'. The hospital sounds like it's out of the 30's.