Monday, January 25, 2010

What's New

So I've been out of the hospital after the last round of chemo for a little over a week. My numbers are super low. I had a platelet transfusion on Friday. I have to have another one along with a blood transfusion tommorrow. So I get to go in at 815 and spend about 5 1/2 or 6 hours there. Oh joy. On Saturday we realized the whites of my eyes were turning yellow. They put me on Levaquin and Diflucan as preventatives. Looking at the paperwork we found that diflucan can cause this and to call the dr immediately. They told me to stop taking it. They did some test today when I had my regular blood draw but didnt really say anything about the results. The dr told the nurse the yellowing could just be from the chemo. Looked diflucan up on on saturday night and found out that hey dont usually recommend you take that with the levaquin. Aren't drs aand pharmacists supposed to know these kind of things? At any rate I had the Neulasta shot last Monday so in the next couple of days the white cells should start coming up.

On to the fun stuff. yesterday my friend Sharon came over to scrap. I managed to get 3 things done.

#22 BE Purse Paper is Bo Bunny

#23 Bottled Up (Page maps Dec 2009)

#24 Foxy Girl is so lazy (Double dee from Dee's Scrapbook Store Paper is Daisy Bucket In The Meadow

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  1. You are amazing.....going thru what you are medically and can still craft. My hats off to you!