Wednesday, November 10, 2010

leukemia Update

I am finally out of the hospital(been out about a week) after being in there for 63 days. Could only get blogger to open a handful of times. My first round of chemo there didn't work. Had a second round that worked. Have a lot of other issues while there, including pneumonia. White cells just would not come up. They finally sprung me last week to make my bone marrow transplant consultation at the cancer center 2 1/2 hours away, after we had to reschedule it 3 times. Waiting to see if my brothers are a match. Won't have any more appointments up there until they find a match, and they dont expect to do the transplant until January. On a good note at my blood draw yesterday my white count was finally up to 3.1(was .9 the day before) and my anc was over 2500. Unfortunately my platelets are not doing anything on their own. I expect this am they will tell me I need a transfusion.

On the scrappy front, I have managed to do a 2 page layout for my Scrapbooking Goodies DT that I was supposed to do in August. Got some of the Nikki Sivils Tree Love to do one for this month. Also got my sons Halloween page done. Will get picture of that up later.

Also got happy mail from Nikki after I left a comment on her hat from her Mary Poppins hat. She sent me her hat AND the entire of line of My Friend Birdie AND the entire line of Tree Love. She is sooo awesomely sweet!


  1. Oh wow.....I'm so glad you are out of the hospital. I hope one of your brother's is a match.

  2. So glad you are out of the hospital. Hope you find a match soon.

  3. Hey sweetie. I was so sad to hear that it came back. I'm rooting for you!! You are so strong, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying one of your brothers is a match for you! Let us know!

    You are right, Nikki is SUPER sweet!

  4. Hey there Heather! Glad the second round went well! I do hope that your brothers are a match! Take care! Stay positive! Sending you hugs from Singapore!