Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anybody have a spare piece of this paper?

I did a layout with no pictures (planned to use for my daughters 1st day of school pics) for my LSS dt over the summer. It used the Cosmo Cricket Gretel line. I turned it in back in August and it got lost. So the store owner was really nice and gave me another round of supplies to duplicate it (thank goodness I had taken a picture). However she had no more of this piece of paper. It is called Fairytales. I have found it cheap online but the shipping for the one piece of paper is upwards of $5.

I am hoping one of my scrappy friends out in blogland might have a spare piece. I would be happy to pay a reasonable amount for the paper and postage (the paper can even be cut in half crossways to make it easier to send) or to trade if I have something someone is looking for. Leave me a comment if you can help out! Thanks!

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  1. Hi too bad they lost your layout. Hope you found the paper. Merry Christmas to you and family. How are you feeling?