Monday, May 9, 2011

Creative Blocks Class with Tim Holtz

Myself, my oldest daughter and my mom took the Creative Blocks Class with Tim Holtz on Saturday. It was sponsored by WhimSoDoodle scrapbook store in St. Petersburg, Florida. The class was totally awesome. Tim is just the nicest guy and darn funny too. If you get the chance to take a class with him you should definitely do it.

Tim and I

My autographed Apron

Tim helping me with my project

Finished Project

Close up of the Heart Mario made for us

Closeup of the number plaque that I changed from white with a 15 to black with a 14

Close up of the Kreepy Kid aka Frozen Charlotte or Fractured Doll


  1. Love what you made! I met my idol Tim Holtz in person Detroit.

  2. Awsome project you did with him...I just bet it was fun. Glad you got to do it.