Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ever google something(not yourself) and find yourself? It is a little disconcerting. I googled Prima Sunshine Flowers, and my blog came up on the first page. Weird.

So after researching the robin's nest dew drops, and realizing I can't order from their website (I can't wrap my brain around paying 24 dollars shipping for 4 bottles of them.),I discover that there are several similar things. Michael's was carrying something similar, often referred to as "skittles." They don't appear to carry them anymore. I also found Purely Pebbles. So of course I had to order some. i"ll post a review when I get them.

My goal for this 3 day weekend is to finish my book from our St Augustine trip. I needed 4 2page layouts and 1 single page. I finished 1 of the 2 pagers.

LO #49 Haunted Hearse Tour (Provocraft Brick Wall paper, Heritage Postcards Paper)

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