Monday, May 4, 2009

Latest Layouts/NSD


#115 Snow Day
#116 They're Grrreat
#117 Spring Picture (Megan) (Scenic Route Garden Grove)
#118 Spring Picture (Logan) (CherryArte)
#119 Whoose Bright Idea was this? (Friendly Forest & Scenic Route)
#120 Home Sweet Home Then & Now (MLYB)
#121 Time 2 Rock (Heidi Swapp)
#122 Childhood Home (Crate Paper Lillian)
#123 How do you sleep like that? (Love, Elsie)
#124 My boy (Kaiser Skull boi)
#125 Bunny Ears (Piggy Tales)
#126 We can sleep Anywhere!)

Dee count 178

And it is day 124 so I am 2 ahead. Still have 3 challenges for right at home I need to do(2 old one current).

So NSD was awesome. I cropped from 9am till 11pm). We had lunch from jasons Deli and dinner from Olive Garden(love that chicken scampi). Did the postcard challenge, made a sign to hang on my scrap area, using the scenic route sonoma (red and green so it matches my living room) that says Scrapbookers don't lie, we embellish lol.

Our kit was Scenic Route garden grove. Mini kit with some Cherryarte boy paper. Won a bobunny MOM wordbook with ribbon, paper, and 2 sets of stickers. Also a scenic route kit with all the garden grove paper and 3 sets of stickers. At the end of the night we got a bunch of free stuff.

It was a ton of fun. I'll have to post some pictures.

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  1. Sure sounds like a fun time! You rock when it comes to getting layouts done! You are like wow!