Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Put off yet again!

The surgeons have put me off again after starving me since midnight last night. My platelets are too low for them to do the surgery. So I will be having platlets again today and then right before the surgery tommorrow. On a good note my white cells are up to 1.4 from .4 yesterday, not spectacular but they are going up. My hemoglobin is also up after my blood transfusion. So here I am in the hospital missing the good sales at two local scrapbook stores!


  1. Hope you can get out of there soon and don't miss the sales!

    I'm sure I'll have another one for you;)

    seriously, when do you think you're getting out?

  2. Hope you get out soon Heather... there are always online sales too, remember.... go to, and ... they have some awesome one day only stuff. If you don't use them already.

    Anyway, hope to see some more work from you soon!